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Based on our experience with Listbox, we built Topicbox to make it easier for businesses, professional organizations and other user groups to better communicate through a medium nearly everyone already knows and uses the world over — email.

Topicbox archives let you share your best information

Most people put their best information in their email discussions every day. But they might only ever send it to one or two people — no one wants to be the person who is drowning their co-workers in email! That information gets locked in the private mailboxes of one or two people.

We know so much of that information could be valuable to their team. But how do you avoid information overload?

Your Topicbox archive lets your team share their best information in a central place. People can still get their own copy of messages, but their team also gets a stored copy. Team members can choose which groups have information important enough to get immediately, which groups should be summarized, and which they just need to be able to search later.

Topicbox builds on the parts of email you love, and puts the power to control message flow in its users' hands with a host of features that make it really exciting for groups:

Topicbox has been a passion of ours and we truly hope you enjoy using Topicbox as much as we do.